XI Ogólnopolskiego Festiwalu Ognia i Kuglarstwa


Ostróda is certainly one of the most important festivals in the Polish jugglers calendar.

Every year (twice a year from 2017) the jugglers, artists and fire dancers all gather in the beautiful lakeside town of Ostróda to share skills, learn new tricks, watch world class performances and of course enjoy the beautiful lakes and delicious Polish Vodka.

This festival started way back in 2004 as a way to bring fire enthusiasts together, but during the meetings with the city it quickly turned into something much bigger. The first event in 2004 attended by 50 people was so successful that the event has received a large amount of support from it’s sponsors and the juggling community.

The event is open to people of all ages and each year has attempted, often successfully, to break the record for the largest fire performance in Europe.

Mazury Lakes

Having been to festivals organised in Ostróda twice before I can guarantee that you will really enjoy the ever growing festival. The people are wonderful and the talent amazing! What’s more, you are within walking distance from the famous lakes of the Mazury district!

Are you going this year? Perhaps you wish to share your experiences with the juggling community of Poland…

Workshops and Training Space

As at every festival there is a large training space and a list of workshops provided both by professionals and the participants. The current list includes:

Juggling , Fire, Stilts, Poi, Staff, Contact, Hula Hoop, Acting, Dance and acrobatics.


However, if you have a talent that you wish to share just pop down to the registration desk and promote it on the workshop board at the festival.

Photo: Training space at the Winter Ostróda festival / Credit: G. Wilson

Photo Contest

With so much amazing skill and talent it would be hard to keep that camera or smartphone hidden away. But did you know that there is a competition to find the best shot. Why not submit your photos from the festival and perhaps you will end up going home with a treat!

Credit: Ogólnopolski Festiwal Ognia i Kuglarstwa w Ostródzie


Fire Show

At 21:00 on Friday 18th August there will be an amazing fire show, claimed to be on of the largest fire performances in Europe. This will take place in town at the square in front of Starostwa, ul. Jana III Sobieskiego 5. Free entry!


As usual the Fire and Juggling Convention in Ostróda have invited some exceptional guests both perform in the gala and provide workshops.
Jacob Sharpe  will be demonstrating some exceptional juggling and diablo routines whilst the well known Florence Huet will be performing with hula hoops and some juggling.

The performance will happen at 17:00 on Saturday the 19th August at the amphitheater in Ostróda, ul. Mickiewicza 17A. Free entry!


Florence Huet with her new hoop juggling act teaser

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