Joggling (Jogging + Juggling)

What is Joggling?

Joggling is a fairly new sport where people run and juggle at the same time. It is gaining popularity as more and more people take up juggling and combine their two hobbies for a more thorough workout. People even start using weighted balls to increase the effects. Why not invite some jogglers to your next running event to add a touch of the unexpected to your event.

Joggling at the European Juggling Convention

Jeremy from the USA organised a regular morning joggle at the EJC of varying distances for different abilities. On the day I joined him there were 9 jogglers on an (almost) 5km run. It was great to see a wonderful mix of people from the UK, Poland, Germany, Czechia and the USA all together running along a beautiful footpath along the river.

Onlookers looked with amazement as they walked or cycled passed, some stopping to gawp for a while as we joggled off into the distance.

Does anyone joggle in Poland?

Well yes! Meet the famous Krzysztof Riewold. Krzysztof is a very talented circus trainer and performer who works training young people and adults different circus disciplines in Opole. He often goes out joggling and has completed an official 42km marathon under the motto “Bieg z Pasją w rękach” which translates to “Run with passion in your hands”.

What is more this talented performer has not only wowed the public with his skills but a group of jugglers at the EJC (a very tough audience indeed!) with a wonderful three diabolo routine using his hair as the diabolo string!



Could you run a marathon?

Could you do it while juggling?

Could you do the marathon juggling and running backwards?….


… yes there are world records for such things!

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