The EJC: The party has started!

Having boarded the train in Poznan with the Poznan jugglers the fun began. It was an incredibly hot and sweaty train and, after Warsaw, there were more jugglers than seats with people passing up and down the corridors and playing Kendama. There was even a long stop at a small station and a large proportion of the passengers piled out the train onto the platform to juggle, buy refreshments and, of course, get some fresh odor free air.


On arrival in Lublin we all piled out of the station, and within view was the Lublin Targi with EJC welcoming banners and flags. I believe that almost the whole train paraded down to the EJC, where we could already see hundreds of people juggling and riding about on unicycles.

The site is amazing with several show tents, a dining area with a budget kitchen, a coffee cabaret hut, shower village, bar and disco tent, 24-hour juggling halls with dedicated hoop, passing, acrobatic and aerial zones, a large traders zone, a conference area, picnic area (at a local club / disco with parties we are invited to 3 nights during the festival), on site shop, unicycle trials zone and of course the fire space.

After registration and navigating the expansive campsite to set up a tent it was time for the Open Stage showcasing Polish Talent. I had seen most of the shows before, but now they were presented to perfection! There is a really good video online by Luke Burrage containing a tour of the site and highlights of the shows:

The bar tent is very reasonably priced with a range of superb bands planned throughout the week. At midnight the first of many renegades showcased some fantastic impromptu shows with the inevitable alcohol and nudity!

Are you in Lublin? Come down and say hi: The parade starts today (Sunday) at 17:00 and walks into town for a public Gandini show. Look for people with the black wristbands.

It is just getting started – there is still time to join us and Juggle in Poland!

What do you get if you come?

  • The chance to volunteer and win prizes
  • Free city centre transport
  • Several shows every night
  • The Gala show ticket
  • Workshops in almost every discipline
  • Camping space
  • Free phone charging
  • Free showers
  • Access to the unicycle trials and fire areas
  • Buy equipment at hugely knocked down prices
  • Lectures on juggling
  • The chance to perform
  • 25% discount at the local swimming pool
  • A discounted 60PLN ticket to the Highline Festival
  • The chance to practise foreign languages
  • The chance to make new, like minded friends.
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