The Red Bull Slackship

Red Bull is well known for its support of adventure encouraging people to get out and get active. Circus arts are not excluded as the Slackship “Dar Młodzieży” will make its third visit to Gdynia docks on the 19th August.

The layperson might be forgiven for thinking that a ship full of slackers is coming to take our jobs, the reality is completely different. The ship is crewed by 10 hugely motivated and talented world champions in slacklining – the art of walking on a loose tape for the 2017 Red Bull title.

A 23m line will be hung at 25m above the deck where athletes will traverse, bounce and swing between the masts of the impressive traditional style sailing ship – Think the action and views of pirates of the Caribbean just without the gold and mermaids!

28-year-old Mickey Wilson (USA), the 2016 winner, will be returning to the ship to compete. Winners last year included; Mickey Wilson dancing about on the line performing death defying flips and turns whilst dressed as an impressive pirate, Tauri Vahesaar (EST), the master of tandem slacklining took second place and Diego Diaz (CHI), a world renowned slacklete claimed third place. What’s more Luke Diestel (USA) performed an amazing double backflip winning himself the award for the best trick.

“I owe my victory to talent, training and practice of walking on tape,”

Mickey Wilson


A video of Mickey Speedlining at the Slack Games in Bydgoszcz 2017

This August there is even more excitement as not only the 10 professional slackletes will be performing but also an amature eager to show off his/her talent and take up the challenge. This amature has until the 26th July to send a Youtube link to Redbull ( The video will be judged on style, difficulty and height. Food, transport and accommodation will be provided.

Don’t you think it would be great if the 11th competitor is a Pole? Currently the only Pole competing on the ship is Filip Oleksik, but I have certainly seen some talent here!

A video of Filip from the 2016 Slack Ship


Check out the 2016 video:


Will you be there?

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