New World Record for Foot Juggling

Our neighbours to the East have once again provided us some amazing talent. Stanisłav Vysotskyi is a world renowned juggler, famous for his unique style of toss juggling using the feet, who has just achieved a new world record. In 2016 became the record holder for the longest 1 foot, 3 ball juggle (67 catches) and this year in 2017 gained the world record for the longest 1 foot, 4 ball juggle (8 catches). Quite an amazing “feat” for anyone!

Stanislav Vysotskyinow a resident of Berlin, hails from Kiev, Ukraine. He attended the circus studio in Kiev from the age of 14 and quickly progressed becoming a well travelled career juggler performing across the Ukraine, Germany, China, UAE, South Korea and Italy. You can learn more about this unique performer on his website: 


Do we have anyone in Poland who can toss juggle with their feet? Post your pictures here:
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