ProSpin flows forwards!

Łukasz from Prospin

ProSpin, the brainchild of Łukasz and Kinia has gone from strength to strength and in May 2017 it celebrated its first birthday. This milestone was marked by a fantastic evening of entertainment and homemade cakes.

In may 2016 the organisation was officially established with the aim of entertaining in and around Poznan and developing a strong community. The pair are extremely talented in a large array of circus arts including staff, juggling, balloon modelling and hula hoop as well as being experts in costume creation and event management, organising enthralling events around the city, which promote; learning, art, fitness and fun.

Juggling Gordy with his unicycle

For me their biggest achievement for the community has been securing the year round space at the Amarant Centre in Jeżyce, Poznań where people can come to learn new skills, practise or watch each Sunday from 11:00 to 14:00 with the number of keen attendees growing steadily.

The first anniversary of establishing the company was marked with a fantastic afternoon in the Amarant where enthusiastic people filled the room and artists filled the stage. The first act was Gordon Wilson with his first stage act of juggling, pogo sticking and unicycling. Second up was illusionist Błażej Hatman who performed a superb cup and ball routine, turning the last ball into a rather large grapefruit, which really wowed the crowd. Wojciech Opara then presented a novel interpretation of a game of chess with each piece having its very own juggling pattern with the value of the piece being represented by the number of balls.

Marta with her hoops

Marta Mądry then performed a superb hula hoop routine, without body spinning, where she rolled and manipulated a number of hoops with a perfectly choreographed and complementary dance. Our minds were once again blown when mentalist Maciej Jasiński took to the stage to read people’s minds, for me one of the most spectacular effects was when he had two volunteers on stage, one blindfold and alone on the left and one on the right which he poked a number of times. What was amazing was that the blindfolded girl on the other side also felt the pokes and was able to correctly state how many there were. If that were not enough a very skilled lumberjack Adam Opera came to the stage, decapitated a defenseless balloon dog with a sharp axe before concluding with a death defying axe juggling routine. The finale was a very professional laser show by Lumen Art filling the room with colourful patterns synchronised perfectly to the Music. At the final curtain call we were all treated to a fantastic surprise of home baked buns and a rendition of “Sto Lat” (the Polish celebratory song wishing 100 years).

Illusionist Błażej with his cups and balls

The day was planned and executed to perfection, an amazing accomplishment for such a small team. I am sure all the spectators are already eagerly awaiting the next event. Juggling in Poland would like to thank ProSpin for all the amazing work they do to build a juggling, hooping and twirling community within Poznan and also wish them a successful 100 years!

Remember if you want to learn a new circus skill why not come down to the regular training session they provide in the Amarant Centre in Jeżyce, Poznań each Sunday from 11:00 to 14:00.

There is plenty of equipment to borrow at the sessions, but remember if you would like anything to practice with at home, our own shop at Juggling in Poland can provide anything you need – all you have to do is ask!

The lights of Lumen Art
Adam the Axeman
Chess with Wojciech
Macej the Mentalist
Maciej the mentalist with Kinia
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