Learning English with Balloons

Speak Up: The English School, Poznan is now 10 years old and, to celebrate this great milestone, had a range of specialist activities for the students including workshops in careers, translation and balloon modelling. The balloon workshop obviously being of most interest to a juggling / circus blog.

As the language participants arrived, excitement and hot air filled the room with each collecting their little pile of balloons eager to get started.

Participants desperately tried to blow up the balloons and started to show concern about the level of challenge as only one participant able to inflate a balloon. With spirits a little deflated a pump appeared and the joy began.

The workshop involved a range of jokes, games and instruction with each participant leaving with a smile on their face and an armful of twisted creations.

Would you like to buy some balloons or organise a twisting workshop at your next team integration? Why not send us a message?

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