Extreme Head Balance – Bricks and Motorbikes!!!

Juggling and Balance often go hand in hand but have you ever seen a practical use of balance in the workplace???

Most of us learn to balance objects on our head using our nose, chin or forehead looking up at the top of the balancing object. However, in many countries it is customary to carry heavy loads on the top of the head out of sight.

Most of us have probably seen photos of people carrying large buckets of water on their heads in third world countries. Even the younger Prince Harry has had a go!


However, standing straight allows these people to carry extreme loads. Here we see a young boy loading his head with an exceedingly large number of bricks and then carrying them across a narrow plank. This must take years of training.

The talent is clear.

Could we incorporate this skill into a juggling routine?

Carrying bricks is one thing, but climbing a ladder with a motorbike on your head to load it onto the roof of a coach is another thing altogether (One wonders why it wasn’t just ridden to the destination).

In a show could the ladder be replaced by a walking ladder???

These guys are amazing!!!


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