Why should I pre-register for the EJC?

What is the EJC?

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The EJC or European Juggling Convention is the world’s largest gathering of jugglers. Thousands of Jugglers come from every corner of the world spend just over a week together to share skills, make friends and show off their talents. There is an amazing display of artistic and technical expertise in all circus art forms from object manipulation to aerial and slackline.

The days are filled with people training and experimenting in the 24hour training hall with workshops from the expected to the wacky (think laughter yoga, unicycle treasure hunts and lock picking etc.). There is also a huge juggling olympics and fight night where jugglers compete for prizes and the entertainment of the onlookers. Furthermore, nightly shows including the Gala which feature some of the best talent from around the world.

If juggling 24/7 is too much there is plenty of other entertainment comprising of pub trips, discos, quizzes and games.

A perfect budget holiday full of amazement and awe for people of all ages!


Here is a link to a compilation video on YouTube of the last EJC in Lublin (2012):

Why is this EJC special?

This EJC is back in Poland (for the second time) and will be celebrating it’s 40th Anniversary. The organising team is built up of a very experienced team that run an annual circus / clown festival in the town each year which will be incorporated into the EJC.

This means that participants will get to visit a beautiful old town in the centre of Poland and see slacklines suspended high up over the market place with rope-walkers stepping in and out from the tower on the town hall making their way to the rooftops over the people in the bars and cafes below.



Who runs the EJC?

The EJC is run by jugglers for jugglers. The organising team is a group of jugglers that are committed to keeping the EJC alive and growing the juggling scene. They give up hours of their own time to organise a huge festival supported by the European Juggling Association.

This year the team is lead by Fundacja Sztukmistrze. A team with great experience with annual circus events within the city and a team that organised the EJC in 2012. We can expect one hell of a festival!

It’s gonna be awesome!


What is pre-registration and why should I do it?

Pre-registration is a great idea. It basically means buying your ticket in advance from http://ejc2017.org/en/tickets/ .

Not only will you get entry to the festival with excellent value discounted tickets, but the team will be able to have better understanding of numbers and will have money up front to put deposits on some excellent resources and facilities.

What is more you can enter the Pre-registration challenge:


How can I help out?

As mentioned above, the EJC is run by jugglers for jugglers. The team put a huge effort into the festival but it couldn’t happen without volunteers.

If you have a spare moment go to the registration desk and see where they could use you.

Volunteer, Hands, Help, Colors, CharityPossible jobs could include:

  • Workshop Leader (whatever you can do and would lik
    e to teach others)
  • Information / helper
  • Runner / odd job person
  • Stagehand
  • Car park attendant
  • Pass checker
  • Decorations
  • Drivers
  • Marshal
  • PR assistant
  • Technical assistant


Have you got your ticket yet?


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