Ostróda Fight Night

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Jugglers love to meet up, and being a creative bunch, love to come up with new tricks and games. As far back as the early 2000s there were established games at the various jugging conventions to allow jugglers to really test their skills and competencies with the different props.

A favourite has always been 3 club gladiators. This is where each juggler enters a given area and starts juggling. Each juggler then, while juggling, attempts to knock the clubs of the other participants to the ground. The winner is the last person juggling and would often be rewarded with a prize of chocolate (a juggler’s favourite) or a new juggling prop.

A well known British juggler, Luke Burrage, saw how popular the game was and realised that jugglers had started to demand several rounds at a convention. Luke started to develop the game into a team sport and finally into Fight Night which is a tournament where there are heats at different local and national conventions collecting points and rankings which can be tracked at http://fightnightcombat.com/current-points-and-rankings.html.

Ostróda Fight Night

Ostróda hosted the first winter edition of their juggling festival, during which they hosted a late night combat tournament with 20 jugglers taking part. Michał Kozak, the top ranked Polish juggler, went unbeaten into the final where he went head to head with Amadeusz Kołak, who had previously come third in Lublin last year. Amadeusz managed to take the lead winning his first ever Fight Night tournament, making him a favourite for the upcoming European Juggling Convention in Lublin.

Well done to all the participants and to the Fight Night organisers in Ostróda.

Ostróda results http://fightnightcombat.com/tournament-Ostroda-Winter-2017.html

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