Juggling in Poland / Kuglarstwo w Polsce

A blog covering props, jugglers and events in Poland and beyond / Blog o zabawach, żonglerstwie i wydarzeniach w Polsce i nie tylko

Kasper: The young juggler

9-year-old Kasper is quite a Polish prodigy. He first picked up juggling around 2 years ago and I’m sure we can all agree that he is progressing extremely well. Not only has he mastered a range of tricks and circus props, but also he has started combining different ideas such as bouncing rings back into […]

XI Ogólnopolskiego Festiwalu Ognia i Kuglarstwa   Ostróda is certainly one of the most important festivals in the Polish jugglers calendar. Every year (twice a year from 2017) the jugglers, artists and fire dancers all gather in the beautiful lakeside town of Ostróda to share skills, learn new tricks, watch world class performances and of course […]

Joggling (Jogging + Juggling)

What is Joggling? Joggling is a fairly new sport where people run and juggle at the same time. It is gaining popularity as more and more people take up juggling and combine their two hobbies for a more thorough workout. People even start using weighted balls to increase the effects. Why not invite some jogglers […]

The EJC: The party has started!

Having boarded the train in Poznan with the Poznan jugglers the fun began. It was an incredibly hot and sweaty train and, after Warsaw, there were more jugglers than seats with people passing up and down the corridors and playing Kendama. There was even a long stop at a small station and a large proportion […]